Citizens Association for Support to European Integration ''Evrokontakt'' was founded in mid 2007 by a group of citizens who felt that their knowledge and experience could contribute and support the process of European integration of Serbia and the application of European standards at the local, regional and national level (the mission).

Evrokontakt sees Serbia as a democratic, decentralized and economically developed country, fully integrated with its European surroundings, on the basis of equality and specificity (the vision).

Evrokontakt in its previous work has mostly dealt with the development of civil society by organizing actions, debates, round tables, public advocacy and support to other formal and informal citizens' associations, and with creating and implementing development projects based on project cycle management standards that are accepted in the European Union.

Among the most important realized projects are as follows:

- projects of local governments ''Koceljeva - a nice place for living'' and ''Creating Conditions for Rural Development of the Ub Municipality'', funded by the EU, through the ''Exchange 3'' program;

- projects for young people ''I'm in Europe too'', which was funded by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the RS, ''Spring festival 2009'', which was funded by the city of Krusevac and numerous private enterprises from Krusevac and Belgrade;

- projects in the field of social protection ''Without Prejudice'', ''Sport for All'' and ''Daily Center for Children and Young People at Risk'', funded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of the RS and the City of Krusevac.  

Evrokontakt is a member of the National Coalition for the Decentralization and actively cooperates with the European Integration Office and Office for Cooperation with Civil Society of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and has developed relationships with a large number of CSOs and local governments throughout Serbia.

Evrokontakt as its greatest value distinguishes a number of members with significant experience in project management and working with civil society and the public sector, as well as a number of associates in the public, private and civil sector in Serbia.

Find more details about us at our web prezentation (, Facebook ( and at PADOR (RS-2010-AYO-1702998510).

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